Eeeeee! Aren't they cute?!

I was just reading thru Sadie's packet for school and I was getting nervous like I was going to school again for the first time. So I had to put it down and post this picture so I don't freak out. I never liked the first days of school, the new teacher and all the new faces and places to go. I think one of my most common bad dreams is having to go to school or class and having some bizarre obstacle in my way keeping me from getting there. Sometimes the car I was driving would slowly lose parts until it was just a skateboard with a steering wheel or my clothes that I needed were at Martha's house so I had to walk over there to get them, or I could not find something I needed to take to school so I would go out searching for it and end up miles from school hours later. But I also used to wake up on Saturdays in college trying to think of what class I was late for. Do you think I had a complex or what?
I just hope Sadie does not get any of that from me and really likes going to school.


Papa said…
The horse leaned-over and kissed her, too.

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