Lions, and Tigers and Bears...

Yes, come to find out there is a mighty bear population in New Jersey. I noticed an article in the paper that was spread out on the ground underneath Sadie's rocking chair that I have been meaning to paint since her second birthday, oh no her first! Ahh, where has the time gone. Anyway, so I was painting this rocking chair and the paper had a feature about the large population of bears and how they are becoming a nuisance, breaking into homes and sheds, and there are about 3400 in the state, and they are HAVING A BEAR HUNT in December! What, a bear hunt?! I guess they had one 2 years ago and there was a huge uproar(he-he) from the animals rights groups, yada, yada, yada. I stopped reading about there, but I had to share the news.
It has been great weather lately, nice and warm. Sadie and I and Emma too, went to the park yesterday to try and fly a little kite I found for Sadie, but the wind was just gusty and not constant enough to really catch it. It flew for about 15 seconds and Sadie was like, " Okay, it flew, I want to go to the slides and swings." So that was the end of that for the day. But the park we went to is where all the moms/nannies go with all the kids so there were plenty of kids for Sadie to play with. For a funny park story, check this out. I was really laughing, seems almost Snicket-esque. Was this Olaf in disguise? A Very Obvious Dilemma for sure.


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