Sadie got another hair cut last night. She did really well in between major wiggling fits. But I was able to cut her bangs somewhat straight, the back was a different story. By then, Nathan had brought up the video camera and Sadie was just itching to get her hands on it. He flipped the screen so she could see but that just added to the wiggle power. I shot him a look and he shut it off and laughed saying he thought she would be more still if she could she herself. In reality, she just goes into major performance mode and then all hope is lost. By school it should have grown out enough not to show all the wonky parts!

I guess this has been a hairy week by all the posts, he-he.


Papa said…
Hair-raising at least!
missmacky said…
OK miss Sara, I caught it twice. Grand & Wonky. Is a little bit of the Irish lingo rubbing off on you? he he he

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