Weekend Wahoo

Sonja is in town this weekend and the Hess Mess and Aunt Debby-U as well. So the house has been hoppin' with Sadie leading the parade. At the moment, it is 10:50pm and she is still loud and going strong while she gets her stories for bed. All the visitors are going into the city tomorrow to see the sites.
On Friday, Sonja went into the city with Nathan to cruise around so I decided to head out to a book sale in town with both of the girls in tow. I am not sure why I thought we could get thru it without a hitch. First of all I needed to get some cash but I wanted to go to a drive thru atm so I did not have to get everyone in and out of the car anymore than necessary. Our bank is like four towns over so anyway I never have cash. So I decided to go to the BofA but they were working on the driveway so I went to the bank next door where I could not find any atm so I pulled thru into the BofA and could not find the atm there. Next I went to some other bank which also did not have a machine so I pulled into the teller window and asked where the closest one was and the guy told me so I headed over there and was able to find it. Next challenge was to find the school where the sale was being held. I had asked the librarian last time I was there and thought I knew where it was. But nooooo. After driving around for fifteen minutes and getting nowhere I pulled into library #2 and asked a mom walking thru the parking lot who explained how to get there. So I thought I was in the clear now but not too fast buckaroo. There was road construction and a detour which I tried to go around but had to turn around and go thru the detour where I finally saw signs leading me to the sale. During all of this Sadie was very patient and only asked, "are we were there yet," about thirty times. Finally, I told her that we would not be there until we were out of the car.
Once we were there, I loaded Sadie into the stroller, which I had negotiated she ride in thru out the visit, and Emma into the Baby Bjorn and off we went to find the entrance. In comes obstacle number 52, stairs. There was no way to get into the place without climbing a set of ten stairs. A woman comes out of the door and I ask her if there is any way to get the stroller into the sale and she says it is really tight and the stroller would not fit. So there goes my whole plan, could anything else be any more difficult? Oh, yes it certainly can!
We are in the book sale and we find the children's section and there are tons of little kids so Sadie starts making friends instantly. I find a huge stack worth of books and a lady gets me a bag to stash them in, and just about now Emma starts getting fussy. So I continue looking, hoping that moving around will help her feel better, but it does not. So we leave our books under the cashiers table and head out to the car for a snack and a clean diaper, then back into the sale to look a bit more. I finally find the craft section and Emma is just not going to be happy. I pick out a couple books before Emma goes into Super fuss mode and I toss them in our bag as we head out to the hall to calm Emma down and wait for the line to dissipate. Once we walked out the door, into the quiet hall, the crying stops.
After a rest in the hall, we head back in and so does Emma with her crying. Now I have decided to use the crying baby to our advantage. Soon I have three ladies trying to help put our books in another bag without a tear and cash us out ASAP. And one of the women even offers to carry the bag of books out to the car for us. But of course Sadie had to find a super-fab book she could not live without right after I had paid for everything and put all my money away and she was not going to give it up easily so I asked how much and plopped down the 50 cents so we could get out of there and Emma would stop screaming. So out we go to the car and once we step out of the door into the outdoors Emma is happy as a lark, whatever that means. Here it means not screaming and acting like she has not screamed a peep in her life.
But don't forget that stroller, which had been left at one entrance which was a different one than we had just exited thru. So after loading everyone up we had to double back around, since the road is one way, to get back to the other side where the stroller has been so patiently waiting our return.
So that was our Friday adventure.


Annie said…
WOW! Now I really cannot wait to be a mom! Hopefully it will happen soon.

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