Who is who?

I was inspired by Alisha to do a little compare and contrast. Emma has always looked different than Sadie to me but they do have some shared expressions or whatever you call them at this point. Here are some I found. It actually makes me realize how different they really are. There is a photo of Nathan when he is about Sadie's age that she really resembles. Funny how different looks remind you of different people in the family. I saw a photo of Amilda that looked a lot like Emma at Grandma Benson's house. Got to go feed the children!


Alisha said…
I have a frame with 4 openings in it. When Jared was a baby, I filled up the frame with photos. Matt's mom came over and asked, "Why is Jared in a dress in this picture?" It was me when I was a baby. He's just about identical to me as a baby. I'm sure Davin is, too. The frame had a photo of Jared resembling a childhood photo of me and one of him resembling a photo of Matt as a baby. (He looks way more like me!)
1000hats said…
Yeah, I think they both look like you so much! But Jared is definitly a little you. It is funny how the two of the girls can look so different or so much the same depending on what they are doing. But Emma has brown eyes and hair and Sadie has blue eyes, blond hair. I think they will be like my sister Sonja and I, we are sort of opposites.

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