the peaches are so good right now. I just finished one and it was just grand.

Today was doctor day and wow am I glad it is over. Does anyone else have to drag their three year old into the exam room when her name is called? Every time a nurse would come out to the lobby Sadie would ask if it was her turn until after waiting for forty five minutes it was actually her turn. She had been playing with a little girl the whole time and she was figuring out that playing would probably be much better than seeing the doctor. I finally got her in there once one of the nurses took Emma in for me and I could get Sadie myself. Then there is Emma who quickly figures out if she is not with me or Nathan and the lower lip pops out and her face turns red and the siren goes off until of course I come back into the scene. The little girl's grandmother, who Sadie was playing with, took her for me while I took Sadie to the bathroom and Emma quickly caught on that I was no longer in the room and began to wail. She did the same thing when the nurses took her into the exam room while I corraled Sadie in there as well.
We thought that both girls needed shots but found out only Emma did. It went a bit better than last time, she calmed down pretty well. Sadie was a bit upset by it all but like she always does, she was on to the next thing once something else caught her attention, in this case it was stickers.

Sadie is just up from a rest and she is having a snack.
One-liner of the day:
"That's so silly, it makes me laugh, haha haha."


nate said…
Don't forget the other one-liner of the day, made at 10:30pm after we had gone outside to look at the really bright moon...looking at her toenail she says, "It's too long, Daddy. It might poke you in your blue eyes."
Papa said…
Are your peaches local?

That's a great snap of Sadie. She loooks taller than on her 3rd birthday!? Her curls and bangs look good.
1000hats said…
The store carries Jersey peaches and they have them at the farmers market. But the ones I was eating are organic and the sticker does not have the place of origin. I am guessing they are from somewhere back here in the east.

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