Details, details...

There are all these little things that I have wanted to post. Above is a picture from Sadie's first day of school. I did not bring a camera but many people did,one mom actually had a camera and a video camera that she used to capture the day. I am sure that child has all his milestones including his own birth recorded for his review at some future date.
Emma is getting her first tooth. I had just talked to Nana and Papa on Sunday and the topic had come up," No teeth yet,"I had said. Well, I spoke without consulting my crystal ball, for it could not be considered too soon because there was not a tooth there when I made my claim. The next day while Sadie and I were at the library I discovered the little bumps forcasting the arrival of a new tooth. It is not truely showing yet but each morning it has made some progress. So this afternoon after dropping Sadie off at school I spent and hour and a half with a not too happy baby. She was too impatient to eat and too grouchy to just lay down. Now she is sleeping but soon I will have to go get Sadie and wake her up again! I was hoping to get started on a new bunny but looks like it will have to wait for later.

Do you know that babies and tye-dye go to together like beans and cornbread. I found this great shirt at a yard sale and now I want to make a million! She is soooo cute!

This is why I love the double stroller!

Tonight is a knit meet, yah!


lol i think i have that same stroller. Aren't they great!
Papa said…
Looks like the double slumber trolley. Tie-dye does look good on Emma, the big smile helps, too. Maybe it will be a little toothy by the imte we come to visit.

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