First day of School

We have now officially completed the first week of school. The first day was just an hour long and the kids played the whole time and ended with a story. Today was the first full day. Now many parents dread the day they have to make their child go to school, and I was a bit concerned but mainly because it is a big new adventure.
So today I took Sadie in with her blue school bag. We made it into the hall and were waiting with everyone else for the door to open to be let in for class. As we got near the door, Sadie bolts into the class and the teacher has to call her back to hang up her bag on the hook outside the door. So she obliges by quickly walking back out and handing the bag to me and off she goes back into class. No goodbye or see you later.
Meanwhile, I have been holding Emma in the carrier while streams of children and their parents are trying to say their goodbyes are swirling around me. It was a bit crowded to say the least. So I think to myself, "do I try to peek into the room and say bye or just leave." Well I just left.
Soon enough it is time to go get Sadie from school, so I load Emma into the new double stroller and off we go rushing to get there not a minute late. Of course, by the time it is Sadie's turn to be checked out she is not in any mood to leave. I con her out by saying we can play on the playground. Well, everyone else was going to the playground(at school) as well so when it came time to leave she really did not want to go. The screaming match, which is a telltale sign of a badly needed nap began. It took a good ten minutes to get her to sit in the stroller and start our ride home. She was so upset because I would not carry her! Yeah, right. But it may have had something to do with the iccident that happened yesterday...
Okay so we got a new double stroller. Yes, I am admitting that I am somewhat stroller obcessed. I read an article about a mother in San Fran area who had bought seven strollers before she found the perfect one, which by the way cost $729. Well I think(?) I have spent less than that on all the strollers that we have purchased over the years, and after reading this article I felt that I was not the worst of the stroller fanatic but did have a mild case of stroller-itis. So anyway, I decided that we needed a new stroller that could accomdate two kids at a time because walking with a three year old can be well, a bit of a strain on my nerves at times. Especially when every stone must not be left unturned or ant followed.
Well, after a bit of internet research and price checking, I found a great deal on a stroller that seemed to fit the bill of what we needed. So the stroller arrived yesterday and we decided to take it for a spin in between downpours. We went about our regular route and were on the home stretch when, of course, Sadie decides that she is not ready to be done and so then tries to find every possible thing that could slow us down. I get tired of this game really quick so I had finally got her to sit down and ride so WE COULD GET HOME! Well, she was playing with a stick and rubbing it on the ground as she rode along but then she dropped(I think) and bent way forward to try and pick it up and just as I was saying, "Sadie, sit back!", she tumbled out of the stroller, using her nose as landing gear. A total face plant.
(Roll the guilt drum please..)
So here I have a child that almost scrapped her whole face off because I did not put the 5-point harness back on her after her third time in and out of the stroller in the last ten minutes. Great! Yes, it hurt and yes she really cried a ton and yes she wanted me to carry her all the way home but I had to make her sit in the stroller so I could steer it and not do a face plant myself down the hill to our house. But most important she is alright. And so now we have come full circle to today at school and getting Sadie to sit in the stroller. Do you think she may have had some reservations about riding in it today?


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