NJ Adventure # 234

Tonight we were off to pick up Nathan at the train station in downtown Newark, and boy was that colorful. I was thinking it is probably not a good sign when you come off the freeway and all the people you see milling about are: 1.wearing wife-beater tank tops (or for those of you unfamiliar with this phrase, a white hanes ribbed tank top for men made famous on the tv show COPS), 2. all those people also have many various tatoos inscribed on their well defined,(maybe prison made) arm muscles, 3. you see a cop or five every other block, 4.lots of people are sitting out on the stoop of their brownstone apartments(kind of like Seasame Street, only a lot darker, scarier and Big Bird is nowhere in sight). If you find yourself in a neighborhood that seems to fit this description you may want to make no detours and follow the directions exactly as printed out on the mapquest directions and hope this time there are no mistakes.
So anyway while we were visiting this lovely part of town, we were stopped at a light and there was a really tall building that I pointed out to Sadie and she said," That is Nate's building, he really likes it."
Don't worry we made it to the train station, found Nathan and got back to the freeway heading toward home but as we came up over the overpass facing toward the airport and the New York skyline, Sadie proclaims," Wow, that is the whole world."
" Yes, Sadie it is the city", says Nathan.
" NO,"says Sadie," it is the world that I live in."
These are the things! This is the three-yr wisdom that presents itself everyday and I wish I could remember them all because there is never an end to the great stuff that comes from her little mind.
Sadie also has a way of using the word frap to describe many things as the hit against something or get stirred up or any other numerous ways. I think it is quite funny. She was describing something tonight in the car about how something was going to frap up against the building and slide down. Or sometimes it is used to describe stirring in the following example, mama is going to take the milk and chocolate and frapped it all up into chocolate milk. It has been one of the few made up words she has used for awhile.

Here is some good news, Sadie really likes to rake and I found her outside in the driveway and she had put together quite a large pile of leaves. I asked her to come in so we could get ready for the car ride to the above mentioned ordeal and she replied, " I need to finish raking, Mama." There will be plenty for her to rake in the next month, it has already started.

Lastly, I have some how managed to "NEED"coffee everyday. I don't even drink the caffinated sort. But I crave iced coffee with milk all the time now, what is my deal?


Papa said…
Hopefully Sadie's NEED to rake will continue for a few years to come, anyway. Her "world " is expanding.
Alisha said…
Funny you mention coffee. I have been recently afflicted with the same condition. In LA, we had a 7-11 on every corner...here there's a Starbucks on every corner. I have become addicted to decaf vanilla lattes. In order to save myself some money, I bought some vanilla syrup to use at home. $4 a pop is just too much for a coffee...no matter how good it is!
auntorange said…
Hey that is the same place that we got on the train. It was in the middle of the Puerto Rican festival. It reminded me of some of the super getto football players. Only these peeps are the real deal..
1000hats said…
wow, good to hear from you, aunt orange!

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