Oh yeah, I am supposed to write the posts...

For some reason I have been checking our blog, thinking that some how something new would magically appear.

Sadie has her first school cold, yay! Isn't it fun picking up everyone else's germs?Oh well, I am trying not to think about it and dread the fact that we all might be sick by the end of the week. Fresh air and sunshine will hopefully keep us healthy this week.

We start Story Time at the library this week on Wednesday. Nathan is living adato these days and it has him a bit on the stressed side of life. We had an uneventful weekend, which was good I think. We finished up the details on the bathroom downstairs, found the paint color for the family room, began thinking more about the kitchen face lift and watched a really depressing movie that had great costumes since it was set in the fall of 1950 England; lots of great knits, dresses and skirts. So I guess it was not all that bad.

Right now Sadie is bargaining for a biscuit to take to bed after her swig of Robitussin. I think she is out of luck.


Alisha said…
Ha ha ha! I check my blog all the time, too! I think, "What, there's no new post here? Just this same old one I posted a week ago?!?"
1000hats said…
Funny isn't it? Sometimes I think, Didn't I post something yesterday,etc.?
It is amazing how much Emma looks like this little girl I use to have at the day care named Maya. I wonder if i can find a picture of her. They look almost identical and that's a good thing, she was an awesome little kid! That's funny about the pullup thing! Gabriel had his tonsils out in August and since then we have gone completely the opposite way in our potty training efforts. I think he's gonna go to college in his buzz lightyear pull-ups.

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