Oh yeah...

Shh. Don't tell anyone but Sadie has been without pull-ups at night this whole week and no wet bed! We ran out of them and so we just decided to go with it. When we were at Target this weekend I knew there was something that we needed from the diaper section. I just stood there staring in the direction of the BABY CARE sign wondering what is was we needed. Diapers? no bought a bunch on our last trip. Wipes? no. I just remembered as I was writing this that I was going to get some more pull-ups. Oh well, guess my brain was actually handling the situation correctly rather than malfunctioning!


Papa said…
Hope this is one of those quiet happenings that becomes her normal routine without any relapses.
Alisha said…
Yay for Sadie! (And for you, too!)

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