Post # 100

Sadie says," Babies really like to sit forward," in reference to Emma leaning way over in her bouncy seat at dinner tonight.
She also told us as we were driving to a sale today," Emma said 'buildings', listen Daddy Emma is saying 'buildings', hear her?"

In other news, the news out here is soooo bizarre. It is entertaining. We hardly ever watched it in SD but here it is just wacky. Too many people in too little space, I think.


Hey Sara, It's me Christy Earl from back in the Loma days! lol Did Alisha tell you that we've been in touch. Can't believe how time flies. Look at your beautiful family! Email me @
I told Eunice about you guys and she is so excited to hear from you too! Talk to you soon. Aloha, Christy

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