Sadie found a dead cricket on the path to the front door so of course she had to pick it up and find a good spot for it to lay until it's mother found it. She said, "he was up in the tree and then he fell up in the air and landed on his back and now he is hurt and needs some medicine. He needs his mother, where is his mother?" I try to just get her to put him down on the porch so his mother can come and get him but she does not think that is a good idea, he needs to come inside and get bandaid for his back, because he fell and hurt it. Well, his mother will come and do that for him, just leave him on the porch, please! Our differing opinions on what the fate of the cricket should be, lead to a bit of a stomp fest. Poor cricket, stuck in the middle of it all. All he wanted was his "mudder".

At the playground on Monday, Sadie is riding some bouncy thing when she spies a beetle about three yards off crawling thru the mulch. She jumps off the spring horsey, and frantically digs thru the mulch, "a beetle, a beetle!". Soon she has him in hand and she states, " he needs to go back in the dirt so he can find his mudder." She promptly transports the lost and lonely beetle to the grassy dirt where he is set on his way back to his mother's house and off she goes back to frolick with the wee ones on the climbing gym.

The girl loves bugs. (Well, she's not too crazy about spiders.)


Papa said…
Sadie, the budding naturalist. National Geographic, here she comes!

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