Full circle

This morning when I was forced to leave the warmth and comfort of Sadie's bed for the forth time in the previous eight hours I looked out the window of Emma's room to discover a sugar coated-roof, just like the witches house in Hansel and Gretel! Well, actually it was frost. And from the sound of this comment it is bit unusual for this time of the year. We are getting our Thanksgiving weather a month early I guess.

I was in Sadie's bed because after one of my trips into feed Emma she ended up on my side of the bed and I was not up for the sardine effect last night.


Papa said…
I checked the weather for today in both SanDiego and Basking Ridge: the current temp. is 58 here and there. The daily highs are within a degree or two of each other for today and tomorrow. How strange is that?

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