Here we are in laundry land!

You know what is really fun? Having one child wetting her bed regularly and one child starting solids because you get mountains of laundry accumulating on an hourly basis. Did I mention we are invested in Proctor&Gamble? Not really, I just hope our washer holds up!
And what is the deal with everything that is interesting to a six month old is sharp, small or yucky? Emma thought the paper that covers the exam table at the doctor's was the greatest thing ever invented. She ripped a big piece off and was waving it over her head. I think the crinklyness of it was most fascinating. I did not come into the office with a supply of books, toys or the like unfortunately, but the one thing I did have for Emma to chew was just not as fun as any of the miscellaneous items hanging from the walls or tables. Then there was Sadie asking every two seconds where Dr Kohn was. And of course we had a bit of a wait before the doctor came in to see us. But everything turned out okay in the end, with four or five stickers as bribes to move on to the next thing. I never thought I would have to drag Sadie out of the doctor's after her two year check up, when she was unwilling to do anything that had to do with a doctor. Anyway, Emma got her round of shots and was over it in a matter of seconds once they were all done and her thumb was firmly planted in her mouth. She is getting taller and skinnier each month, another string bean like her sister. So much for thinking she was going to be chunky after her first month.

Emma has been eating solids and likes it quite well. She has tried quite a few things and seems to like or tolerate most everything. The rice cereal is quite low on her list unless mixed with something that tastes like it grew on a tree rather than was made from tree bark. That cereal is beyond plain, like plain cubed.

Sadie has had so many great stories lately but my mind is just a sieve and all the things I think "I have to remember that" just slip away. I need that Rememory chip implanted. Oh, which reminds me that this house is like a black hole. There are too manys places for things to get put. It is crazy, I am constantly trying to find something that is usually here but is not there, maybe here? No. I find myself thinking I wish the camera had a remote with a button to press that sets off a signal to let me know where it is. Or the car keys, or the diaper bag, or the potato peeler or Sadie's shoes! And then I was thinking I need a microchip that can read my thoughts, like when I think there is a great story to blog I could just think it thru while I am changing diapers, washing dishes, etc. It would just access the internet and the site I need and viola! I don't need to interrupt anything to put down this thought and I won't forget it either. Okay, I know, I am just scatter-brained. Maybe it is ADD, or ADHD or some other acronym for a brain that just can't seem to stay on track. Maybe it is four years of interrupted sleep? Maybe it is global warming or the thinning of the ozone layer? Could I blame the president? My mind is a tumbleweed, enough said.

Tonight Sadie was pretending to go Trick or Treating. She and Nathan filled their plastic pumpkins with pretend candy. There were "vanilledy" and chocolately morsels in the forms of railroad tracks, Lincoln logs, bean bags, balls and anything else small enough to fit inside the orange orbs. She shared her candy with me as I washed up the dinner dishes. They were quite delicious. Sadie is going to be a ladybug for Halloween. She keeps saying she needs to look at the clock to see if it is almost Halloween yet.

Also, Emma is sleeping in her own room now. She graduated, or I graduated, to her sleeping in her crib last week. Yes, she slept in the cradle until she was six months in our room. I have to admit that I like her sleeping next to me. It seems so safe with her right there. I think the best part was that she was not in our bed the whole time like Sadie was or is. She still manages to end up in our bed five out of seven nights of the week. But don't think that Emma is over the hump. She still sleeps on the changing pad mattress that I had to put in the cradle after I washed the cradle pad and it came out in a million little pieces. She loves it. It is curved so it cradles her. I tried laying her down in the crib without it and she woke up after an hour fussing. So I decided we will move through this in baby steps. I was not up for a night of soothing her back to sleep every hour or so.

On the school front, Sadie has been invited to her first party. It is a pumpkin painting party and when I heard the mother in charge asking another mom what day was best for her, all I could think was," Let the competition begin!" Not between the kids but between the mothers. Who will throw the best holiday/birthday party? Susie had a zoo party with an elephant, but Tommy had a Thomas the Tank Engine party with a real train for kids to ride. Then Billy had a cowboy party with horses and cattle and a saloon, and then Jenny had a Movie Star party with the red carpet, limos, real movie stars...
I am going to stick to cupcakes and balloons.


Papa said…
Kids say and do the darndest things.

The 4 years of interrupted sleep could cause just about any memory problem.

Hope Sadie and Momma enjoy Sadie's 1st party.

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