Weather records

There have been so many records set since we moved here. Most recently, we had the driest August and September on record which put the state on the cusp of a drought. Then we recently had eight days of rain with inches of rain each day and now we are out of the drought and we have huge amounts of rain expected this week, first from a noreaster headed here from the Ohio Valley followed by the remnants of Hurricane Wilma.

In other news, Emma reached a very important milestone...


Papa said…
Record-setting performances all around!

Can Emma sleep anywhere, now?
1000hats said…
Everywhere except her bed during the day. I think maybe Sadie had a little talk with her about napping!
Papa said…
A check of the Weather Channel website shows that you're into Jacket Weather (50's/30's).Hope you have a long Fall and a short Winter. Sadie has her "Hollywood" look going.

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