Do buzzards fly south for the winter?

Sometimes when you are at a playground where small children are frolicking about, none of which weigh more than thirty-five pounds, and you notice a flock of buzzard type birds decending on the park you may start to think to yourself, "Self, why is there a flock of buzzards landing in the park? Are these birds, with four foot wing spans, just landing to rest their wings, maybe to take a smoke break? Do they only eat things that are not moving?"

I guess prospects where not too good in the eyes of a buzzard and off they flew, but not before black and white flashes of Hitchcock-esque scenes raced through my mind.


Papa said…
The buzzards are likely on their way to Hinckley, Ohio, where the congregate by the thousands. I guess they do migrate.
Papa said…
Whoah!!!!! Out of the pastels and into the primary colors. Significant change in the loook of your site.
Change is good.

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