For the first time...

On Friday we went to the mall for a picture with Santa. We have never up until this day had "professional" posed pictures taken of Sadie, well that is not exactly true. She had school pictures on Thursday. It turned out quite good. The "professional" assistant was trying, for whatever reason I don't really know, to get Sadie and Emma to smile at the camera before the shutter went click. But I was like" just take some pictures before Emma realizes that she is sitting on the lap of a big, bearded man she has never seen in her life." She cries when the man stocking the milk smiles at her! After looking over her shoulder for the second time, she slowly turned her head back toward us, turning bright red, mouth wide open with no sound and then wailing as loud as possible. The jolly assistant continued to shake and squeak miscellaneous items to try to get her to smile but there was no way Emma was going to be persuaded to smile. Sadie told Santa that she wanted three balls and ice skates for Christmas. Sadie really loved the whole ordeal and did not want to leave. So we sort of milled about for a bit longer until something else seemed more appealing, namely a cinnamon roll.


Papa said…
That's a fantastic Santa photo!! Think I have seen that Emma look before. That's great for a first try. Amazing she didn't ball from the moment you set her on Santa's lap. Sadie looks real comfortable with Santa. Hope she gets her wishes.
Alisha said…
We went to the mall Monday before Thanksgiving and looked at Santa. There was no line, but we didn't even think to get pictures taken with him. We went back Wednesday and the line was already too long. :o( Oh well, maybe next year. I'll check back when I'm at the mall, but I'm pretty darn sure the line will only get worse! I hope Sadie and Emma get exactly what they asked Santa for!

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