I found this post hiding in the drafts file. I was going to delete it but I think I will publish to remind myself of where I was that year. We are overly sensitive creatures, us mothers.

Last time I was at the thirft store there was an older woman, maybe in her fifties or so, and she asked me about the Baby Bjorn I was wearing, how I liked it, etc. Her daughter was pregnant and she wanted one for her baby. I gave my opinion and she says" Everyone wears their babies facing out these days. My daughter always wanted to face toward my breast as she was always wanting to nurse. But with my son, I had to give him a bottle because he was always distracted and turning away. He would never eat." All this without any solicitation. But I am really done with the stories about how babies had to go onto a bottle at three...or whatever months for whatever reason or the other. Basically it comes down to the mother just deciding that the baby is ready for a bottle because the mother is done nursing. No healthy baby is going to starve itself. Nursing a baby can be wonderful and frustrating, difficult and rewarding. I must say that when I was first pregnant I enjoyed reading Mothering Magazine, an alternative mag that tells you all the ways to be all natural and the like. But once I actually had Sadie so many things changed. I had to have a c-section because of her breech position and it felt like I was going to have to go thru this horrible trauma to have our baby. But it was fine. I healed and Sadie was a healthy little baby from the start. I had a doula but without a natural labor her services were basically to take pictures for us. Then learning the breastfeeding was difficult for Sadie and I. But after a couple of difficult weeks she was wanting to eat as often as possible and it turned out that is was the answer to all of her woes.


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