A list of things that are no fun...

I am really tired of wet beds in the morning, especially when the list includes my own.

The spiders here can be really huge, like you might mistake it for a mouse running across the floor. (They are hairy and brown, too.)

The phone call that enivitably follows a few hours after the one I just ended to inform me that the husband will in fact be later than the time he previously stated he would be no later than.

The after school time-to-leave-the-playground battle.

The I-don't-need-to-go-potty battle.

The stockingette stitch when you have to do it 192 times per row for nine inches.

When you have to say "no more candy" one million times per day.(or cookies, or dessert, or anything else that might resemble a sweet, sugary item)

Trying to get Emma back into a diaper after the removal of the yucky. Did I mention that the kid does not sit still?

My dry, crackly hands snagging on everything.

Now for some more uplifting imagery...


Papa said…
Sorry to hear you're struggling with Sadie with the potty issues.

Guess we/I spoke too soon about Emma being easy to change!

I'm dealing with the dry, cracked, snaggy hands, too. Have to find a good lotion to ease the problem.

Is that a new painting or an evolution of the painting that hangs in your living room? It looks great.
Alisha said…
It's pretty funny that your list is so similar to mine! Especially the "I'm going to be later than..." call. Those really irk me. Also, for the last month or so, Davin has been pooping all up his back and needing his clothes changed several times a day. I understand the wiggly poopy baby thing. How is it that they can CONSTANTLY be in motion?!?!?

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