Some weeks never end...

This was a long week here at the homestead. Nathan has been immersed in a proliferation of projects. Erb told him a couple weeks back that adato is now his life and this it has become. So we had dinners without Daddy most of the week. Well, me expound on the details of this lovely week that I am most pleased has ended. Last Saturday Sadie came down with a cold, by Monday Emma had also erupted into a snotty mess. And so we have learned, the child does not sleep in her bed if she can not breath thru her nose. So I bunked down with her Monday thru Thursday in the office/guest room/craft/whatever maybe come room. But she was asleep before ten any of those nights. Meanwhile, Sadie missed school Tuesday and then school was closed Thursday. Basically we were spending the days watching shows and playing on the computer, eating, sleeping a bit, and trying to recover from the bout of colds. All the while, missing out on having Daddy around. I probably saw Nathan for about an hour a day. I was not too happy about this. So in comes Thursday, a category seven on the scale of bad days if the scale was the same as those used to measure hurricanes. I was worn out from the minute I woke up. I was hoping that Sadie would be at school today but thanks to state wide teacher conventions all schools were closed. By eleven I HAD to get out of the house. So on goes the search for the keys.
Okay I have a serious problem with keeping all my stuff together and weeks like this seem to throw any sort of organization I can muster out...way out. So I am frantically looking in every pocket I can think I may having been wearing over the last four days, mind you I have not left the house in a motorized vehicle since probably Sunday. Emma is screaming as I try to attach her car seat to her, Sadie is carrying on in her usual hysterics about "where are my keys, have I found them yet, we need to go now Mama", and I am running around not finding my keys. And this goes on for a good half hour. Then we break for lunch, well at least Emma's lunch and I make a sandwich for Sadie for the car ride and find the key. Sadie is asking where we are going and I am saying we are just going for a drive in hopes that Emma will sleep somewhere other than my lap for longer than fifteen minutes.
So we are off and Emma is asleep within minutes. We cruise around the country roads and Sadie enjoys her sandwich. Yada, yada, yada we pull into the garage and Emma wakes up like her alarm clock went off.
So back into the house we go. I try to feed Emma some actual food and she eats a bit. Sadie wants a snack and I am overdue for some lunch, it is about 2pm. So I put together a sandwich for myself and a piece of my b-day apple pie. Sadie has a plate of apples, crackers and cheese. I begin my descent into, where else, the office to deliver the goods and slip...I am falling. Thump. I am crunching against the stairs while the plates are crunching against the tile floor and my face. I am laying there moaning and the kids are both screaming because none of us knows what just happened. My face hurts, my back hurts, my arm hurts and there is food everywhere. I am so done with this day. I pull myself up from the stairs and go into the office and pull Emma out of the saucer to try to calm her down and Sadie too. I feel blood running down my cheek. I am a blathering mess. I call Nathan and he is there to answer and calm me down so I can calm everyone else down. I am going to survive this day.
So that was Thursday in a nut shell. I still feel Thursday in my back and arm and face. I am fine. Nathan and I both laugh because I just keep saying I feel like I fell down a flight of stairs and well, I did.

Guess what we did Friday?

We, as a family, went to see the Wiggles at Madison Square Garden and it was great. Emma slept most of the train ride in and through most of the show. Sadie had lots and lots of fun riding the train and seeing Greg, Anthony, Jeff and Murray and playing peek-a-boo with the conductors. The show was great and worth all the ridiculous amounts of dollars shelled out for each ticket. You know the commercial, it was priceless.


Alisha said…
I'm sorry your week has been so sucky. I have to say, though, I am just about there myself...minus the blood. Matt has been in Delaware for the last week and will be there for one more week. Training. Ugh. I think it's even more difficult when he's in town, but working too much (like Nate has to do) because I know he's around, but just not at home. That just irritates me! My brother took me and the kids out to lunch today. He thought I might appreciate some adult interaction. I say, "Hey, forget the adult interaction. I'd just like someone to entertain the kids (mostly Jared) like Matt does." I am SO thankful I'm not a single mom. My parents are coming for a visit tomorrow. YAY! My birthday is Tuesday, so my parents will watch the boys all day and I'm going to go out ALL DAY BY MYSELF! (With breastfeeding breaks, of course.) I cannot wait!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!! I hope things start looking up more and more!
OH my gosh what a crazy day but I as a single mom (hahaha) can top that! :) minus the blood too! So, the other day after having a great afternoon taking the kids to Chicken Little I thought the evening would go as well... but i was wrong! Its about 8ish and Gabriel was suppose to be in my bed watching a movie (cause of course that is his bed too). I was in the livingroom with Jordan. Jordan goes into the bedroom and then comes out running and yelling Gabriel pooped on the bed! WHAT! So, he has not pooped on the bed he has grabbed his poop and smeared it all over the bed! Long story short- cleaned him, the bed and aired out the room. Little later after he was supposed to be back in bed. I am summoned to the bathroom and find Gabriel, the floor, the doors, the counter and the rug completely covered in what looked like snow! My POWDER! OH my goodness-I could go on! Crazy, that was Saturday and then Sunday I spent the whole afternoon in the hospital. After church Jordan was running around and ended up with a major asthma attack! aaaagghh Alisha can i join you on that no kids day! Sara you too ...let's go! :) lol
Papa said…
Whoah! Hope you're through that spell for a while! The comment line above wouldn't let me say," cute pumpkins with legs. Oh, my!

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