Things no one tells you about having kids...

Showers get moved from mandatory to optional on a daily basis.

All toys that you pay money for will only be entertaining for the day of purchase, but phones, remotes, cords, and anything else you don't want in their mouths will be an endless source of entertainment.

If you put on nice clothes that you would not mind leaving the house in, some little one will spill something on them before you leave the house.

You will say no more times in one day than you thought you were capable.

Once they reach the age of three, you will be bombarded with questions, a. you never thought needed answering, b. you already answered three times in the last two minutes, and c. you have no clue of how to answer.

There will be cheerieos everywhere, I mean everywhere.

There are probably fifty more I could add to the list, more to come.


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