It has really cold since it snowed last. Last night the low was predicted to be 6 and yesterday morning when Nathan went to work it was 10!
Everyone is sick here. Isn't that wonderful! Sadie and Emma came down with the same thing pretty much at the same time. And I had it a day later. Now Nathan is coming down with it. He cancelled his trip to Italy, thank you , thank you , thank you. When Emma is sick she requires lots of help staying asleep and comfortable. So that usually means her and me sleeping in the bed downstairs. With everyone in the same state of misery, last night took forever to be over. We all made it to morning. Sadie was in bed with Nathan in our bed which is her usual landing place after waking up in the night. But four in one queen sized bed does not usually bode well for a restful night sleep.
Emma is a crazy little mighty machine. She climbs stairs and anything else that she can pull up on. Luckily she is too short to climb up on most stuff, but she tries even so. But this climbing and pulling up leads to her attempting things that she is just
not strong enough to pull off. She has a bruise on each side of her head from knocking into something. Sometimes when she is crawling she will crawl into the door or wall or whatever happens to be in front of her. She is a little wrecking ball.


Papa said…
hope all are well by the time you're planned to travel.
Alisha said…
I'm so sorry you're all miserable! But I'm not all that sorry for you that Nate had to stay home. I'm sure you're not all that sorry, either. :o)

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