Can you hear the grey hairs popping out of my head?

Here is the look of a sneaky little girl.

She charms you with her sweet smile but she is really out to conquer the world... mountain at a time.

This is the scene(re-enacted without actors)I found when I came back from loading some wash into the dryer.

This is the second time I have found little Miss Emma standing up to one of these chair with a big smile across her face. Do seven month old babies really climb stuff? I have a feeling that she will be walking sooner than I thought. Sadie was not walking until she was almost 13 months, and she never tried to climb things. I think I have a monkey in the making! Emma has begun to crawl as well. She tries the tradition means occasionally but if she really needs to get some where she goes on her elbows and pushes with her toes really fast.


Alisha said…
NO!!!!! She's too YOUNG to do that!!! Oh boy. I really feel for you! She'll be running around the house soon.
Papa said…
Well, so much for teaching your little farmer girl to ride a horse before she can walk!!
She must have Sara toes to be able to do those "push-ups".

Pad the sharp corners and hope fopr the best. If she's quiet, she's likely UP to something.

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