Hot Cocoa for a cold night

For dessert tonight we had hot chocolate with marshmallows and home whipped cream. Sadie stirred the cocoa while I whipped the cream. Emma just watched, wondering when she was going to get a cup. It was a bit of nostalgia for me. The dessert I remember having most often as a kid was popcorn and hot chocolate. My mom usually used the Ibarra bar chocolate, a mexican chocolate that is really sweet with some cinnamon. We would grate it on the cheese grater and add it to the yellow enamel pot with some milk. The popcorn was popped in the "popcorn pan", an old sauce pan that was blacken with oil from many, many batches of stove top popped corn. The popcorn was warm and buttery and went really well with the hot chocolate.


Alisha said…
I love that we can pass traditions down to our kids. And right now, the traditions don't mean as much to them as they do to us, but someday, Sadie is going to be fixing her kids hot cocoa, telling them how it was such a special time when you made it for her.
Alisha said…
Oh! And LOOK at Emma!!! I'm a little scared for you! :o)
Papa said…
Sadie looks very pleased with her BIG cup of cocoa with all that sweet foamy stuff on it. ...and above all it is CHOCOLATE!

Emma looks way too pleased with herself in her new mobile mode!!!
Papa said…
Thanks for posting and maintaining your Our Everyday blog.

The photos and short videos of you all, with the narrations are the next best thing to being with you.

Looking forward to your visit in January.

p.s.-your tree has all the sparkle of a warm, cozy home at Christmas.

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