Owl at Home

my little helper
There is a book I saved from childhood written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel in which owl sits down in front of a warm fire with a bowl of hot pea soup and warm buttered toast. He hears banging on the front door and comes to find it is winter. He invites it in but winter is not much of a guest and soon has blown out the fire and turned the hot pea soup into hard green ice. Owl asked it to leave before he starts a new fire and warms his soup again.

I think of this story often on cold nights like tonight. And I have taken a liking to warm buttered toast. It does have a way of warming you up along with a hot cup of tea.

Sadie had her first bowl of cranberry juice and snow this week after the first "big" snow of the season. We built a snowman, shoveled the driveway, and threw snowballs before heading inside to warm up. Emma sat like a little hot potato bundled in the stroller and watched all the goings

The first picture is from Monday morning and the second is from this morning. We had a bit of snow last night. But not enough to have to shovel, whew! As you know, we have two two-wheel drive cars and a steep drive way with does not allow for much snow to be down before climbing the thing becomes a slippery mess. My work on Sunday morning paid off and this afternoon when it was time to take Sadie to school, most of the snow has melted away.


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