...and back again.

We made it. Our first long trip using planes, trains and automobiles(and even a bus). Generally every thing went really well in the to-ing and fro-ing. I am not too sure that we will combine visiting more than one state at a time if it involves extra planes rides but all in all we made it safe and sound.
Some highlights of the trip:

1. Arriving at the gate for our flight out of Newark about fifteen minutes before departure, the gate keeper, for lack of a better name, informs us that they have been looking for us because we only have one seat. It was all cleared up in a matter of minutes and all those Continental employees were still smiling.

2.Horseback riding at the Heckman/Lipka Ranch. Sadie rode all three horses including wiley Goliath the miniature horse.

3. Christmas Eve dinner at the Lipka's.

4. Nathan and I managed to get out for dinner together even though Emma did not think it was such a great idea.

5. We all went ice skating in Cherry Creek. It was Nathan and Sadie's first time. About one second after stepping onto the ice, Sadie says, " I don't want to go ice skating." Soon Uncle Tedd came to the rescue and got her going. For awhile Sadie was calling it ice skiing.

6. A day of unwrapping presents and cinnamon rolls for Chrismas morning.

7. Warm weather in San Diego, like we wore t-shirts and stuff!

8. Playing at the park with Sonja, and a Winklea family get together.

9. Meeting baby Larissa for the first time.

10. Visiting with the McInerney crew.

11. Mini Christmas at Papa and Nana's house. Sadie wanted to go there every night.

12.Watching the big surf in OB, and for Sadie chasing the "little crows" otherwise know as pigeons.

13. A super speed zoo tour with Grammy and Sonja. We saw the new monkey exhibit, the hippos, polar bears, pandas, hoof and horn mesa, and the elephants. And a few other things too. Sadie said, "This is the my whole world that I know," in an astonished voice as we trekked thru the park. She tends to say this whenever we are in a new place that is big and very interesting to her. It is one of my favorite things that she says. I have probably been to the zoo a thousand times and I still think it is one of my favorites places in San Diego.

14.Driving back home after a long stay away and feeling happy about being back here.

We did a lot of nothing and saw a lot of people. Mostly just hanging out and visiting. It was so good to see everyone and be back in San Diego. The winters out there are harsh, I mean sometimes you have to wear a sweatshirt and socks with your flip-flops!

WestCoast Christmas
Take a look above for photos from the trip.


Alisha said…
I'm glad you're back! I missed reading you. Didn't it feel so GOOD to be in San Diego???
tohonobyrd said…
Happy New Year Heckmans!

So good to see that you had the best of holidays...if your gonna do a whole lot of nuthin', it's always best to do that with those you love because even "nothing" is something especially when you're with family. Thanks for the beatiful Christmas card. Sadie's artwork brought a smile to my face, see --> :o)
Papa said…
Sure was great to have you all come for a wintry visit, San Diego Style. Already looking forward to our next visit to NJ in April.


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