Humble pie

I made pie last night. Apple pie. How does a little flour, butter, water and fruit make such a wonderful treat? I have found out the wonderfulness of using the food processor for working in the butter, and after this last pie I will never go back to the pastry blender. Well, unless for some reason pie is absolutely necessary and there is no electricity to be found. The flakiness was scrumptious and the apples, sweet and juicy.

When I was a youngin, my mom was the pie lady around the holidays. She baked lots of pies, for the neighbors and for the family get togethers. I remember her rolling out all the dough for all the pies. There was usually apple, pumpkin and mince meat. Nothing fancy, no lattice, no sugary top. Just dough and filling. Anyway, I loved those pies. For birthdays, we would have lemon meringue or lemon cream pie sometimes instead of cake. Last night I realized that it is one of the easiest things to make, but it is really hard to find a good piece of pie from any type of restaurant.

Sonja and I at about the same age as Sadie and Emma.


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