Us this morning during the "run around naked" hour.

Daddy and Em

More of this morning.

Today was a three time out day that was not actually that bad. They were evenly spaced and after each one Sadie decided she would be a bit better. She currently has this thing with ordering Emma around and pushing and pulling her where ever Sadie thinks she should be.

Highlights from today:
Emma took a step again by herself.

Sadie got a My Little Pony tub of playdoh with a pony stamp on top. First she wanted orange then purple then orange and then after we walked away she decided she really needed the purple more than the orange.

We bought a Little Tikes castle slide thinga ma jig. I decided we needed some sort of thing to play on while the cold weather kept us from the outside. But it is a lot of work policing the thing while Emma is trying to climb up the slide and Sadie is racing up the rock climbign wall on the other side to slide down the slide. After about twenty climbs up the slide Emma would slide down and take a rest on a pillow before attempting her next climb to the summit. Thanks Great Grandma Joyce for the new play things.

We listened to They Might Be Giants, NO!.

Sadie got a bag of peanut M&Ms at the store and Emma kept asking for some on our drive home.

Well I think that is it. There were probably some other funny things that Sadie said or did that have already been lost in the other ninety percent of my brain that goes unused.


Papa said…
COOL pics!!!!!
Papa said…
I made a wallet size of the Sara/Sadie/Emma photo for my wallet!!

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