"Bright lights, big city...

...that's where I long to be,"as proclaimed by centipede in James and the Giant Peach. We hit the road and rolled into NYC for the day on Saturday. It was totally last minute and suggested by Nathan. I have been wanting to go in during the week with the girls to Central Park and meet Nathan for lunch or something but it has just been too cold and I not adventurous enough. We drove in and parked near Times Square in an attempt to be near Nathan's office, the Fila store and Toys'R'Us, which were our planned destinations.
First we made our way to the store where I proceeded to pick out some cool new gear. Then we went up and saw the office so Sadie could see where Daddy goes when he is at work. (Side note: Today in one of Sadie's many role playing moments she proclaimed that she was going to work and at work she was going to look at the computer for awhile and then come home.)
After that we went to Hamburger Heaven for some lunch. Nothing to exciting, just burgers and fries. Then we were off to find We'B'Toys to ride the famed indoor Ferris wheel along with every other tourist in the Manhattan area. There was probably three million people in and around the building. Nathan and Sadie went for a spin in the illustrious wheel while I pushed the sleeping baby around in the stroller. After we managed to squeeze out the door and back onto the street, making a quick left to escape the crowds we headed back to the car and New Jersey. We spent a few hours doing all this and it was really great to be out of the house with the whole family some where other than the grocery store or Target. We would like to make this more of a common occurrence and with spring on its way we plan on seeing Central Park and the zoo there, (Sadie would really like to meet Alex.)
Funny thing about the trip was the weather which was supposed to turn cloudy with chance of showers or snow but instead the day became warmer and warmer as it went on. When we left NJ it was 39 and when we were leaving the city it was 54 at 515pm. Of course it was just a teaser before the cold snap, as they call it out here, rolled in last night and today our high was 23. Clear, sunny and freezing.

This week Sadie will be heading back to school after a week of winter break. Also I am going to try to get her into a spring session of swimming lessons at the Y. She is really excited. The day I told her about it she kept asking me if it was March yet that day since I told her that she would not be going until March. After many repetitions of," It is not going to be March anytime today", she stopped asking if she was going swimming that day. I told her that first it will be Daddy's birthday and then we will start swimming. She is really excited because she gets to wear her bathing suit!

Quote of the day:
Tonight at dinner Sadie proclaims out of the blue," I think this calls for some BREAD!"

Emma wants to eat everything we are eating and slowly she is transitioning to more solid foods. Her newest finds are cheese, rice bread sticks, and oranges. Her most favorite veggie at the moment is broccoli. She was very upset tonight because I did not steam much up for her and she wanted the raw stuff we were eating but I am not too sure she is ready for that! She longingly yells for the cookies we are eating but I have not given in yet.
With Sadie, I waited until after one year to introduce wheat, dairy, and eggs because of her excema per the recommendation of her doctor. So with Emma I just don't know what to do. I am slowly letting her try stuff but it feels weird after most everything was of limits for so long with Sadie.
Emma is now trying to put on her socks. It is so cute. She pulls one of them off, positions the sock so it is dangling between her thumb and forefinger while holding her foot in the air and drops the sock on top of her foot. It is quite amusing to her and me.


Papa said…
Ok, who's Alex?
1000hats said…
He is the lion from the Central Park Zoo according to the movie Madagascar.It is a great movie, you should watch it.
Papa said…
Sounds like you had a fun time in the City. I'll look for Alex in the movie.
Anonymous said…
i'm excited Sadie will be learning to swim...Look for an exciting swim accessory for her in the mail in the weeks to come...Sonja

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