For those of you who miss the every day activities around the breakfast/lunch/dinner table, here is a bit of Emma's favorite trick these days. She thinks it is quite funny and waits for your laugh back.

This is Sadie's Valentine chocolate lollipop. She really, really liked it because it was chocolate. She has entered the "question everything and then ask some more" phase. I have been inundated with inquires about how everything works, why everything is that way, and what every random person walking, driving, or running by is doing. Sometimes I just have to stop answering because it seems to be the only way to stop the interrogation.

At least once every day I am asked "Does Emma have ten teeth now? I guess once a baby has ten teeth she can eat carrots and other crunchy things.

There seems to be a million things I have wanted to post in the last few days but I never can remember half of them.

Emma thinks her tongue is really entertaining these days. She sticks it out and grabs it. She likes to try to grab your tongue if you stick it out at her.

Nathan got some roses for us for Valentine's Day and Emma thought they were just the greatest. They are in her room in a vase and she smiles every time she sees them. I just realized that she has not seen flowers yet.


Alisha said…
Thanks for the post. I'm always reading, but not always commenting. I'm an occaional "lurker." Davin say's "hi" also and it comes out "ha." He says "dada," me and Matt. I also think he says "Davin" by saying "da." He says it to himself in the mirror. I'm almost cinvinced he says "Jared," his own way.
Alisha said…
Oh no. I put in an apostrophe in a place where I shouldn't have. Please forgive the gross error. I'm tired!
Papa said…
Is that a new high chair for Emma? Looks like a huge eating and food-playing area, compared to the fit- into-the-dining-chair type you had before. Funny trick, Emma!

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