This week is winter vacation for Sadie at school so I get to think of things for us to do. I really hope it warms up enough to go the the play ground. Last Thursday it was in the sixties so we walked over to pick up Sadie from school. There was still a lot of snow around in piles from all the plowing or in the shadey spots. After school Sadie wanted to go on the playground but we were not allowed because of the snow on the ground. A couple boys who are in on of the four year old classes started throwing snowballs at each other and Sadie joined in. First they sort of ignored her, then they started throwing some at her and then she threw some back. She was getting hit by a few but then she hit one of the boys in the nose from close range but she was not throwing hard. The boy stopped and just looked at her while holding his nose. It was like he was wondering how he should react. I told Sadie to ask if he was ok, and then he started crying and ran off to his mom. Sadie continued to ask if he was ok and then said she was sorry with some prompting. But he just cried and cried. Of course both boys then started throwing some at Sadie and hit her in the head, but did she cry? NOOOOOOOOOo! Those boys, they act so tough.

On the way home from school, Sadie tromped through the snow in her boots and had all sorts of fun. Emma enjoyed the stroller ride.


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