Two tickets to Africa...

Nathan's Post #3

At Sadie's bedtime tonight (also known as the "but daaaaaddy..." Chronicles), we set off on an adventure to Africa. This came completely--or with some help from: a) school, b) TV, or c) a book--from her own head. In other words, none of this was my idea, but I went along for the ride. She told me that we needed to go to Africa, and she proceeded to pack her Africa purse and put on her Africa sandals, Africa bathing suit and Africa hat. This all after I had already gotten her into her New Jersey pajamas. She then told me to read a book (to myself) while she wrote her Africa paper. She's been into mimicked handwriting lately, where she writes out long lines of "text" that is much like chicken scratch. It's very neat chicken scratch, though...left to right and top to bottom. Anyway, once she was done with the paper, she put it in her Africa purse, then we had to go downstairs to get MY bag (because I needed my own bag for the upcoming flight to Africa). Once we had all of our luggage we sat on the plane (the bed) and she read me the Africa paper (summary: it would take us 100 minutes to get to Africa and everyone would have to wait a long time and Mama might be sad if she couldn't go). Then we read her usual two books, and by that time our 100 minutes were very nearly up. We deplaned and headed out to enjoy Africa (her writing desk on the other side of the room). Africa enjoys an abundance of markers, white paper (8 1/2 x 11, mostly) and DVDs.

I can't wait for tomorrow's adventure.


Papa said…
Well, it seems that you both returned, tired, but without jetlag.Have fun on your next adventure!
tohonobyrd said…
A most enchanting adventure! Thanks for sharing...can't wait to see where you will fly off to next. :o)

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