Who can make the sunshine?

For $5.99 I purchase a tiny basket of spring. Organic California strawberries. I thought twice about the price but decided it was all worth it and it was. Those little berries were fresh,sweet and delicious. I figured that I would not see too many chances for these out here. The weather must be nice and toasty out there to have these ready so early. I have also been picking up some organic California navel oranges and it is just like a ball of sunshine. It reminds me of all our wonderful citrus we had growing right outside our front door.
As you may have picked up in the last post, our winter has been relatively mild out here but it is exciting to see something more than apples, pears and bananas available in the store these days. Just a tease of what is to come with warmer weather.

Sadie and I have been baking from her new cookbook. I made the banana bread in muffin form (as pictured above). We also made the chocolate chip muffins as a treat for a night with dry pull-ups, yipee! Oh and the fudgey brownie triangles. Everything is really good and I would recommend this cookbook to anyone whether you are baking with kids or not. It has all the best of baking basics. I plan on trying all of the recipes sooner or later.

Nathan said it was snowing when he took the recycling down to the road. All of about seven flakes, but it was snow.

Emma's newest game is to pretend to bite your nose. She opens her mouth and slowly covers your nose. And then I say, " Don't bite my nose!" And she just laughs. Repeat twenty times.


Alisha said…
I know it isn't quite as exiciting as finding good strawberries in NJ, but I also got some from the store last week. I made chocolate covered strawberries for Matt (well, and for me, too!) I paid $3 for my basket, so I don't think that your $5.99 was TOO bad!
Oh, and I must say that I am so very impressed that you still fit into your wedding dress! After 7 years and 2 kids, I just can't anymore...not even close. :o)

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