Dearest Emma,

Everyday you are growing some more; learning, discovering, and accomplishing the smallest things and they add up so quickly. Recently you started eating more and more table food and you are now an accomplished chewer! No longer will you tolerate just little bits of food, you want chunks and globs or just the whole banana.

Today at the library, I held you by one hand and you walked with me into the children's section just like we had always done this. You started taking multiples of steps with a bit of encouragement and open arms to catch you as you lunge forward. You even said bye to the librarians when they said bye to us all on the way out.
You say hat and hair and repeat some words I say to you. I am probably the only one who notices or understands what you are saying, but I hear you!

You love wearing shoes especially the tennis shoes that were Sadie's first pair of walking shoes. You smile every time I put them on and tap them on the floor to show your excitement. Socks are also fun and you tend to find one on the floor and grab it by the toe between your index finger and thumb and slowly drop it down over your foot in attempt to put it on yourself. When I am there to help you put them on, you raise your foot into the air to let me know you want them on.

At the library, today we were pretty much the only ones there because of the yucky weather (snow, freezing rain and icy roads). We all wanted to get out of the house so off to the library we went. Sadie's school was cancelled as well. While we were there you were crawling all over, climbing stairs and having a great time playing chase with Sadie.

These are just some of the tiny little things that happen everyday that I hope I will remember about you growing up. I need to keep my eyes and ears open to all your tiny changes. You are growing so fast. You first birthday is only 6 wks away. You make me so happy with your sweet face, hands and soft eyes.


*This post was written almost two weeks ago.


Papa said…
Just another Late Night, with Sara,Nate, Sadie, and Emma. Thanks for your Everyday.
Grammy said…
Remember the red & blue tennis shoes both you and Sonja wore? You were probably about the same ages as Sadie and Emma.

Thank you for sharing these sweet moments.

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