Fill'r up with chicken soup

I made a pot of chicken soup on Monday night and Sadie and Emma have been eating it for lunch every day since. I think they could eat it forever and not tire of it. Sadie likes it with rice and no carrots. Emma really likes the carrots, chicken and broth. I think I might have to make it every week for the rest of the winter. It is the easiest meal for sure.

Emma had been walking a few steps with encouragement and open arms to catch her.


Papa said…
Sadie and Emma, the soul sisters. You know, chicken soup for the soul?
You know... I have never made chicken soup.(I don't know why I haven't.. it sounds yummy) When my mom makes it she makes it with those egg noodles but making it with rice sounds good! Those little girls of yours have good taste!
Grammy said…
YUMMY! I remember all the millions of gallons of chicken soup you and Sonja ate. Welcome to another family tradition Sadie & Emma!
Alisha said…
I've made some really good chicken tortilla soup and Davin could eat it for every meal, too. Not Jared. Chicken noodle from a can and that's it. Oh, except after reading "Tawny Scrawny Lion" he asked for carrot stew. It consisted of broth and a whole bunch of vegetables; peas, carrots, green beans, corn...he asked for it about 3 nights in a row. He's forgotten about it now. One of his MANY passing phases.

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