More to say...

I had written down some little bits about what had recently transpired a couple weeks ago in order to remember them when it came time to post. But I forgot to post these!


Emma had her first "crying for Daddy" a couple of weeks ago. Nathan had come home late from work and we girls had already had our dinner when he came in. After a quick hello, Nathan ran off to play with Sadie. When he handed her back to me, she started crying and she would not stop until he came back and held her again. So sweet.


One warm day, Sadie and I built a big snowman while Emma was napping. After she awoke, Emma looked out the window and noticed it. She looked back at me, wondering what it was. I told her that we built a snowman and Emma just stared at it for the longest time. It kept catching her eye each time she looked back toward the window through out the day.


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