"Daddy, I love you but I also love more boys than I love girls. I really love myself."

Sadie has a new cd; They might be giants, NO! On this cd there is a song called Where do they make balloons? So now that you have some background info, the other afternoon Sadie was going potty and I was in the office on the computer. After a few minutes of silence, I hear the following singing:
"Where, where do they make chicken?" So I start laughing and she starts giggling and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Sadie has been watching The Wizard Of Oz and she is totally entralled by all the characters. I think the funniest thing is the lines she quotes. Tonight she came out with, "Well, as a Christian woman I can't say!" This was Aunt Em's line after telling Ms. Glutch that she has wanted to tell her what she thinks of her all her life, well...

Emma has been testing her walking skills and added a couple more steps to each toddle. She also has decided that she should bite Sadie whenever Sadie won't leave her alone. And she bites really hard! Poor Sadie does not quite understand that being dragged around the room or "hugged" over and over again is not too much fun for Emma. So I comfort Sadie and tell Emma firmly, "No biting" and then I have them both crying. It is really quite pitiful.


Anonymous said…
I found waldo...I think you should start a quotes of sadie a life guide book...She comes up with some good ones.
Papa said…
....oh, the effective ways toddlers find to communicate! Sadie never ceases to amaze!
Anonymous said…
Beware Sunny Bauldelaire....

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