So many things to say

We have not been busy with much around here but there are so many things that I have meant to post but it always seems that I don't have the time, energy or brains to think it out and write it down.
This weekend we have Grandpa and Grandma coming to see us on their way up to Great Grandma Benson's. I told Sadie today that they were coming and she said," and it is going to be Emma's birthday!?" No, it is not but this visit is a bit last minute and we have been saying since Christmas that everyone is coming out for Emma's birthday so I guess that is what she thought it should be. Also at lunch she went on a bit of a babble about how she loves birthdays and she loves chocolate cake and Daddy loves cake and birthdays, and everyone loves birthdays, right? It seems most everything she says ends with RIGHT and a question mark.
Today we went out to the park and one of Sadie's friends from school and her little sister were there so she ran and ran and ran and ran for about an hour and a half. Then around 5:30pm when I was vacuuming she fell asleep on the couch in the same room as the vacuum. This is the same girl who used to scream at the top of her lungs like the world was coming to an end when she was a baby and I vacuumed. It was not until around eighteen months that I was able to vacuum in the same room with her. Now she sleeps through it. I guess that is progress. She also sleeps through all of Emma's crying at night though too.

We celebrated Nathan's birthday on Sunday with homemade pizza and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Sadie loved the candles, and the cake of course. I have some pictures to post but the camera is somewhere else and I have not downloaded them onto this computer. Maybe I will switch before this is all wrapped up and add some. You probably don't really care to read the thoughts going thru my head as I type but oh well. Oh, Sadie drew a picture for Nathan and we printed it onto a t-shirt for his present. It is quite cute and I may have to make one for myself. She even signed it for him!

Emma blowing out the candles.( Not really, she just makes this face all the time.)

Make a wish!
Almost out!

Clearing the smoke from all those candles!

Tomorrow is swimming sign ups. There are about ten different sessions but I have to sign up last due to the wacked system that they have at our Y. So hopefully she will get in. She is very excited about the whole thing. I have wanted to get her lessons for a long time and I am finally getting around to it. I should sign Emma up too. I am sure she would also like the whole experience. I have to go to class with her.

Emma has been trying many new foods. Spaghetti with sauce,pizza, hamburger, cous cous, wheat toast, rice bread, cheese, and the worst of all, tonight she had a couple french fries! Ahh! I don't think I let Sadie have those until she was a lot older but oh well. We went out to Lemon Lounge for dinner tonight and she was grinning from ear to ear each time she managed to get out of the seat belt and stand up in her chair. This is when I gave in and thought maybe the french fry would keep on her bottom for a bit longer while we all finished our dinner. It worked.


Papa said…
Did the Fire Marshall have to OK all the candles on Nathan's cake?
Anonymous said…
I have a present for Sadie but it probably won't let her wear it in class but it will be great for sun protection during the backyard water fun. Expect it in some time next week. Have fun this weekend with the heckmans. We are ecpecting snow this weekend. Woohoo!! Later
Alisha said…
FRENCH FRIES?!?!? How could you? Oh yeah, look who talking (writing). I think Jared was about 18 months before he tasted a french fry. I was determined to make Davin wait at least a year. Whatever. He loves them! I have to admit that I get Jared a chicken nugget Happy Meal and cut up half of the chicken nuggets for Davin. He also gets a couple of fries (cut up). Davin's doing all kinds of things I didn't let Jared do...watching TV included. Gee, I hope he survives. :o)

Jared also used to HATE the vacuum. Now he frequently asks if he can do the vacuuming. Who am I to say no?
I understand completely! The second child gets away with everything. I only allowed Jordan to watch PBS, Disney channel and VIDEOS until he was almost 7 years old. And now Gabriel watches everything his big brother watches. It is really hard to hold the second one back, they are just Gung Ho about everything. And that is why Gabriel has phrases like "You little RAT!" etc ... that were never heard from out of Jordan's mouth. I still say I am gonna go gray from this second child o' mine! :)
Go Emma!

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