In other words...

Lately Sadie has been saying...

"Look, Emma is so skinny and her head is so big!"

"Ahhh, Emma's elbows are so small and cute!"

After she put on two bracelets,"I am so pretty! I am so pretty!"


We are currently suffering from the dishwasher demon again. For some reason, we have trouble with dishwashers. Currently the dishwasher is working fine but for who knows how long it has been leaking and we have just finally realized this problem. So the floor under the washer as well as most of it around it is soaked and needs replacing, of course we have been waiting to put in our new tile and now when we have finally commited to put it down, this comes up. It is not horrible but time comsuming and really really annoying. I have threatened to have our next house without indoor plumbing since that is the thing that always messes stuff up, but I think that is a bit too extreme. Both Nathan and I feel like asking the bulldozer working next door to come over and rip everything out and start over, but that too is a bit extreme. For now, we are going to rip up part of the floor, replace it and see if that does the trick.

Emma has sprouted another tooth. That is seven to date. And she loves "rockamole"( Sadie's word for guacamole). She will eat it by the handful.
The weather has been really warm and nice these last few days so we planted some carrots in a big pot since our raised bed has yet to be raised. But today is back in the low fifties, I hope they get going. This week is supposed to be about the same all week.

I took a knitting class for making felted easter baskets and it was a lot of fun. I have finished Emma's basket but I have just barely started Sadie's. I can't wait to take another class for some thing new.

More pictures to come.


Anonymous said…
So Emma is a Californian after all. Yes Emma. Do you have the rockamole shipped out to you? I think I'm gonna have to visit soon. Those girls are growing up so fast. Some one from work said they were going to their nieces high school graduation. I thought about Sadie and Emma and how fast the time may go. Well good luck with the dish washer. Sounds like the human version might work more consistantly. Just add fiber for plumbing problems.Later, Orange.
Papa said…
Has Sadie seen My Fair Lady?..or The King and I?

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