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It has been awhile since I have actually written a post of some substance. So here is some of the news of recent times.
WE FINISHED THE FLOOR! Thanks in part to the help of all of our guests at Emma's birthday party. Our visitors arrived on Wednesday night and we promptly set them to work. Since we had all the tile glued to the floor all we had left to do was apply the charcoal colored grout and then clean it up.

*** If you are considering grouting, be warned that dark colored grout may present some cleaning concerns.***
This was the basic warning on the tile box I discovered after the grout had been applied and was not coming off of the tiles as it was explained in our instructions. Yes, it proceeded to turn everything black but after three or so scrubbings the following day our tile was finished and looking beautiful. So thank you to all of you who lent a helping hand, which was quickly stained black.

I will post a picture as soon as the base boards are up and the walls painted. (This could take awhile but it will all be worth it) I come out of the project with a new respect for people who lay tile for a living.

Saturday was Emma's number one birthday. We celebrated with linner (lunch/dinner) and CAKE. Emma seemed to take to cake like Sadie to chocolate and enjoyed it all. She actually ate the cake unlike Sadie at her first, who only ate the frosting. It was a casual affair but great with family here to celebrate.

Most of you may not know this, but Emma loves shoes. She is constantly wanting to put on her socks and shoes or take off the ones she has on in exchange for some others she found. When I took her to the store to buy her first pair a couple weeks ago she reached out for every pair I presented and grunted to let me know that she NEEDED to try them on. So appropriately, she received three new pairs of shoes as gifts, which she loves.

Sadie continues to enjoy her weekly swimming lessons. They wear her out but she never wants to leave when they are finished.

This week at school the big event was bike riding. The school received a whole fleet of new bikes for the classes to use and today was the first bike day. Kids were instructed to bring their helmets from home today so they could all ride. Sadie had fun but said she tipped on time so she had to go slow so she would not tip again. Today it was around 85 degrees. And after school we headed out to the playground to play with all the friends but after about ten minutes of running around and around the playground Sadie was not feeling too well. We went to the bathroom but when we got back Sadie just laid down on the ground so we headed home to recoup in the cool of the house with a movie. She watched Cinderella, a movie so thoughtfully left by the Easter bunny and afterwards everything seemed right again. I think the hot day overwhelmed her little engine.

After the movie we went out to check on our carrot seeds. The sprouts were also in need of a cool drink. But our poor pea sprouts were truely suffering. We decided to toss them and start over in a big, old galvanized tub. After planting a new batch of seeds, we went down to our stick pile and in reference to Nana's suggestion of using them as a sweet pea trellis, we used the sticks in our pot.

Yes, spring has sprung. Our daffodils have opened. We have violas popping up all around. And most fun of all, the leaves have returned to the trees. They just started and it will be some time before they are all leafed out but with eight degree days, the promise of shade is more than appealing. Our beautiful Japanese maple is a deep red with all of its new leaves about the size of a newborn's hand right about now.
And speaking of newborns, we welcome a happy, new face to our family, Jacob Robert Suter arrived on April 10th. He is the fourth great grandbaby on my mom's side and the first boy!

There have been three new additions in the last year. Emma, Larissa and Jacob!

Tonight was a mom's night out fundraiser event put on by Sadie's school. It was an off-broadway comedy show by four mothers about motherhood. It was quite funny and a great time all together. There was a raffle and shopping and lots of socializiing. Socializing, what's that? Anyway, thanks to Nathan for rearranging all of his last minute business so I could attend.Thank you, thank you!!!!!


Papa said…
Wow, Lou, you're a double Grandpa in the same year!!!!! Congratulations! Same to the Mama's and Papa's!- Stan.

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