Time for palabra jot

I have not written a post with more than two sentences in quite some time so I am sorry to those of you who tend to click over here once (or more!) a day. Anywho...I feel like nothing has been happening that is anything monumental but I guess this is just a list of everyday things that may or may not interest most of the reading audience. Blah, blah blah. Let me think for a moment...

We have some peas and carrots giving their all to sprout and do what carrots and peas do. They are succeeding as far as I can tell. The peas all of the sudden sprouted and put out some leaves already, I can't wait for those little tendrils to start reaching for the sky. A few of the carrots have sprouted their first real leaves and I hope they keep going. I have all sorts of seeds that we have picked out whenever we are out and see a seed stand so I really need to get this raised bed raised. Sadie asks regularly when we can plant the pumpkin seeds and I have to tell her not until we have the garden ready. I think she is growing impatient but the sight of peas and carrots growing is keeping her attention. Also I have a whole new front walk garden area in my head and I told Nathan about it and he seems to be all for it so now I have some summer gardening projects to work on. Sadie loves helping too so she will enjoy it all as well. Now I just need to get started!

Already we are one month away from Sadie finishing her first year of school. I can hardly believe it! We have a Mothers and Tea day coming up the end of next week and so they are all busy creating items for the special day. Sadie is also busy with swimming and she really loves it. Jen (her teacher), commented that she is so daring when it comes to trying something new within the class and asked if she was like that with everything. I think we have another fish in the making. Her favorite thing from class is monster jumps. She jumps into the pool from a standing position without holding hands and catches the teachers hands once she hits the water. She asks to do it at the end of every class.

As for Emma, she is figuring out how do to everything Sadie does. She has a few new words, she can point to her eye when you ask her where it is. She is trying to make sounds of animals after hearing you make the sound first. She says hot and blows on her food. And she learned how to blow out one of those birthday blowers tonight. So many little things that I can't remember them all but I am amazed at all she learns every day. Also I think she would really like to do a monster jump into the big swimming pool with Sadie!

We finished painting the family room water04 and refinished the mantel. Now the mantel is a distressed white and we love it! We are both really happy with how everything turned out. Of course, it makes me want to paint every room. So I am sure there will be more new colors around in the future.

Nathan is off to Italy on Friday and will be home Tuesday. Annie and Robbie will be out here visiting this weekend as well. I think that is the news for now.


Alisha said…
Thank you for the post. Yes, I am one of those who checks daily and am disappointed when there's nothing new, but hey, I'm no better at updating my blog!!! I'm hoping to get something new on mine tonight, but not sure I'll get around to it. You'll know why once you read the content.
Happy gardening to you!

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