That was the sound of this week flying by. Let's review:

Monday: Get everyone up and out to take Nathan to the train because my car is still beginning attended to at the dealer. Come home, all of us eat breakfast and the clock is still not to 9:00 yet. (This does not happen often in this house)Get a call from a mom with an invite for meeting at the park and pizza around 1130am. Put off the grocery shopping and get ready for the park. We some how make it to the park and find our friends. We play and climb and do other park stuff. Another school family arrives and after a bit more playing, we head off for a walk to the pizza joint. For you SoCal folk, think taco shop but when you look up at the menu over the counter you see pizza, submarines, calzone, and stromboli. Anyway, we eat and walk back to the park, take a lap around the pond without any children falling in and eventually drive back home where I find a biz card from a local police officer explaining that my wallet has been turned into the Peapack Police. So I get back in the car, with children still sleeping after totally exhausting day to the same place I had just been to pick up my wallet. Find Police Dept wake Sadie who goes into a fit of rage because she has to wake up. Sooth her with the promise of a drink from the soda machine. Retreive wallet, buy soda, head back to the car. Drive home, pick up Nathan from the train station, go out to eat... blah blah, blah.

School day. Usual morning. We walk to school this time for the first time, but we are running late so actually Sadie runs to school in order to keep up with me. In my mind I worry that she will be too tired at school but when I return to pick her up she seems unfazed and proceeds to play on the playground for another hour after school. We head of to the grocery and then go home to make dinner, etc.

Everyone sleeps in until, get this, 1015am!!!Well, with the exception of Nathan. So we eat breakfast and head off to the park. Sadie hopes that Sarah, a friend from school, will be there but she is not when we arrive. We play for quite a bit before I notice Sarah's mother and so a grand reunion insues with hugs all around for the girls. They play and play and play before I realize that I totally forgot about SWIMMING! Oh no! I rangle Sadie away from all the friends and tell her about swimming so she quickly says her goodbyes and runs to the car. We zip in the house to change and make sandwiches and off we go to the Y. We make it with a few minutes to spare. Today Sadie swims with (tada) a LIFE VEST! She was very excited to tell me all about it and how she was able to swim all by herself. Another exciting day. We end with a short walk over the bridge to the river and back, Sadie riding her little pink big wheel.

School day again. We are up a bit late and do our normal routine. Then walk to school again, Sadie running most of the way. Play on the playground after school for a bit, then we head off to the mall for a new pair of "running shoes" for Sadie. She saw an ice cream shop on the way to the store and in her sweet little voice asked if she could have a cone. How could I resist? She is probably starving since she burns about 1000 calories an hour, so of course I say yes. And Emma is happy too because she gets to have many licks of Sadie's cone. After she finally finishes her cone, she runs around the shoe dept testing a couple of pair before deciding on what she wanted, or rather what I thought was best. We walk around looking here and there, in and out of a few shops and then on our way to the car, Sadie decides to launch into one of her long songs that can be quite loud. Once we walk into Bloomingdales I shush her a bit but of course her singing voice can only go so low. But she was singing about how you get to the Statue of Liberty, which has been a common theme of her songs lately, so I continued to shush her but she was so cute that I did not think to make her stop. Then there was a picture of the statue in the store and she was just so excited to see it there.

And now we are to Friday, which has not started yet but Nathan is off and playing golf in the early am with Mark so it seems as if the long weekend has already started. Hopefully we can make time slow down a bit and get a good deal of our projects completed during the time. We are invited to a picnic at a neighbors on Sunday afternoon and other than that we have no plans.

Happy Memorial Day!


Papa said…
WHEW!! Can't believe you did all that without breaking the sound barrier. We're going to Scottsdale for the weekend. Supposed to get together with Debi's friend, Renae, from Utah. Her husband is slated to do some custom home-building in Scottsdale, but permits are not done. So, we may not see Renae, but will spend some time with Karla. Maybe even relax?
Debi has bursitis in her left elbow and Mike Bit her this morning, while she was giving him his pill. Bad Day at Black Rock!
Hope you can have at least one sleep-in day over the weekend.
Enjoy your three-day.
Alisha said…
Um....I'm exhausted from just reading the post!!! I hope you can relax a little this weekend!!!
Anonymous said…
Gee...do you think Sadie might be Ethel Merman incarnate?

Can't wait to hear her latest tunes!!!!


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