The dust is settling...

This past weekend we celebrated Sadie's birthday a month early so all the family could be here. It turned out to be a great party even with lots of rain and warm weather. Sadie got her chocolate cake with pink frosting as ordered back in April and a few friends and their families came to sing her into her fourth year. According to Sadie her favorite part was the punch balls that Grandpa blew up for all the kids to enjoy. That was $1.99 well spent.

We have been busy doing nothing much except visiting with family. Our newish mower is not working so our grass is growing and growing with all the rain we have had this past few weeks. It seems we can't go twenty four hours without some sort of a little down pour or a whole day of down pour. I must admit it is better than last summer when we had a record number of days in a row over 90!
We went into Princeton with Grandpa and Grandma, Luci and Grammy for a little walk around. We had some lunch and walked around the shopping district a bit with, of course, a stop at the local yarn store. Then we headed over to campus for a looksee. The campus is really pretty with amazingly old buildings and beautiful grounds. I think the highlight for me was the campus chapel with its enormous stained glass windows and cathedral ceilings.

We picked all our peas the other day and had them with dinner. Now I want to plant some thing else in that container. Our carrots are very slow. They are currently about a inch long. Maybe by the end of summer they will be big enough to call a carrot.


Alisha said…
Glad you haven't washed away! I don't know exactly where you guys are, so when the newscasters say New Jersey is flooding, I don't know if it's you or not. We had all that same rain, but ours was from Feb-April. Glad you're back!
1000hats said…
We don't live near any rivers, for a reason of course! The flooding was south and north of us this time. Last summer it was all up north. We are directly west of New York City if that helps for your geography. Our lives seem to be of the boring sort these days, even for us and that is down right boring! So not too much to blog about. Speaking of which, what have the Metcalfs been doing as of late? Are you thinking of heading down for homecoming? We are most likely going to make a trip out for that and visit with the family. We should meet up if that is in your plans!
Alisha said…
YES!!! We're going to Homecoming, too! We would LOVE to see you guys!!!

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