Moments of a day...

One day while Nathan and I were busy talking in the kitchen about something, who knows, we both looked down and realized that Emma was playing in some bags of stuff I had picked up at Target which included many things the one should not play with, regardless of age. Tilex and razor blades come to mind. Luckily every thing was still in its packaging and I had not picked up a Bag-O-Glass or a Johnny Human Torch costume that included gasoline soaked rags and a book of matches.

Emma said baby! She is starting to repeat words after you say them to her. I thought maybe she would never speak in more than grunts, snorts and yells. But all of the sudden she seems to be progressing.


Sadie passed her first year of school with flying colors. Yeah, Sadie! She is already asking when she gets to go back. And she is not too fond of the idea of it being all done for the summer.



Papa said…
Say it like it is, EMMA!!!

Congratulations, Sadie!! School is COOL.

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