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We took a little trip up to visit the Great Grandparents on Monday, stopping first to see Grandpa and Grandma Heckman. We spent the day with them, visited the diner for dinner and returned the next day until lunchtime. For lunch on Tues, we made our way to Grandma Benson's to visit with her and Uncle Doug. Larry and Cathy came over to say hi as well.
For the most part we sat and talked with everyone, took a mini family history tour of area Schoharie with G&G Heckman, cruised through Uncle Doug's gardens and strolled around Esperance. The weather was beautiful as well as the scenery and I dreamed of having a farm house up there for a summer escape. We returned Wednesday to a cooler Jersey, our fire flies are gone but the tree frogs are louder than ever. A cold, quiet snowy night does not seem too far away.
Click on the above picture to see more of what we were up to.


Anonymous said…
So those pics were really cute. Emma with ther cucumber, I'm assuming fresh outta the garden. Lifting weights heckman style. And Sadie in her dress circa Annie get yer gun or fly swatter.
Wish I was there.
Papa said…
Those photos remind me of visits and summers with my grandparents, The Frisbie's and the Baczynski's in Lexington, Michigan. Yes, they ended up living next door to each other, with a little over an acre of land each. Vegetable gardens, apple trees, currant bushes, and Grandma B's mushroom collecting. All things fresh and organic(mostly). Cool to see Sadie and Emma enjoying the bounty. They should really get into gardening with your raised-bed next spring.
Alisha said…
Ooh! I like the Flikr link. I'm going to have to try that! Blogger is a pain in the butt when you want to post a lot of photos!

It looks like you had a great time while away! You all look like you were in your element!

I love the photo of Sadie in her "fancy dress" with the fly swatter. What a perfect accessory!

Oh, and what an attractive picture, Nate. Didn't your mom every teach you that if you make a funny face, it'll freeze that way? Oh the things we do for our kids. :o)

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