First week of school

Sadie returned to school this week for her "number four" class. Last year was number three. She does not know that it is called preschool but I thought after the last few times that people have asked if she was in preschool or kindergarten and she just stared blankly at them that I should explain that she is in fact in preschool. She tells everyone who asks that she will be in Kindergarten when she is five but right now she is only four so she is in her number four class.
Nathan took her to the first day which consisted of spending an hour with a parent in the classroom meeting the teachers and checking out the new things in her new classroom. She came home and almost started crying saying that she missed me which of course threw me for a loop but was very cute and touching. Some days I think she thinks I am the last person she wants to be around, although I am probably the last person any one would want to be around those days. Anyway, she had lots of fun meeting new kids and checking out all that was new in the classroom. Of course the event was topped off with a trip to Starbucks where a vanilla milk and marble loaf cake was quickly consumed and immediately expended in some sort of bouncing off the walls.
Her second and following day of school went equally well. She did not really remember any of the new kids names but was quick to request returning to the playground to scream and run and jump and all of that for a while before we headed home for some lunch. I had sent her to school with a stuffy nose, hoping that it was only allergies which have been bad this summer but by the time we returned to pick her up, her nose was runny and she said she had been sneezing a lot. So she missed the rest of the week because of a cold which turned to an ear infection.
So I think I am going to think of this coming week as the first week of school and dance. We got Sadie a pink leotard for her dance class and she is very excited to wear it and has asked about it several times, so I think she was disappointed that she missed her first class.
Other than the school week not too much has been happening around here other than rain, rain, rain.


Papa said…
Anxiously await photos of Sadie in her new dancing garb. Hopefully some can be taken of her in class, showing her fancy moves and her tumbling feats!!

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