Last Sunday, when Nathan was out of town and the rain was moving in, we headed out to a nearby farm and picked ourselves 16 pounds of peaches and a quart of raspberries. We got totally drenched and it was really pouring by the time we headed home for some hot chocolate and lunch. After peeling and slicing all the peaches, save a few that needed to ripen, we put six quarts of peaches into the freezer for pies, jam or whatever. Nathan requested cobbler so we had some of that too.
I cooked up a batch of raspberry jam with most of the raspberries.

Today we headed off to the farm again to pick some more goodies. This time the sun was shining and the wind was blowing, the bees were buzzing and the goats were out begging for carrots. We picked a quart of blackberries and a quart of raspberries, a few tomatoes, one eggplant and one bell pepper. Sadie requested a bunch of carrots to feed the goats and calf in the "petting"corral. When Emma decided it was her turn to feed the goat, I helped her stick the tip of the carrot through the fence but once the goat gave the carrot a swift, strong tug, Emma would not let go and I thought she might go right through the chicken wire and all. She really did not want to give up the carrot but the excitement of feeding the animal was enough to convince her to let me do the feeding for her. So we found a great new activity to do any day of the week from Spring to Fall. Sadie is already excited to pick pumpkins and asks when Halloween will be here on a regular basis.

Actually, I think she knows once we have pumpkins, we will go to the town "trick or treat" and she will get lots and lots of candy, and here in lies the motivation for all of her excitement. Chocolate. ( In case you have forgotten, last year she asked if every piece of candy was chocolate and if the answer was no, she usually tossed it back.)


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