Sadie says...

"Daddy, does God talk to you?"
"Does He speak Spanish or English?"

Sadie:"Mama, what is that village in the sky?"
Me:"What village in the sky?"
S:"The one where Jesus lives."

a song...
"Please Grandfather,
can I have some soup
without rotten chicken.
I don't like it with rotten chicken.
I would really like some good
chicken soup, with good chicken."
There has been another influx of questions about Jesus and God these days. And a lot of songs about Jesus going to China. It seems that everyone is going to China as of late in Sadie's songs. The kitchen has been dubbed China and the dining room is the beach and so there are many travels between China and the beach around dinner time.


Papa said…
Funny thing, there are two Chinese ships in port for a visit, prior to participating in search and rescue exercises off the coast, with the Navy.
Papa said…
....better keep your wok on the stove.....
Tedd said…
Literally laughing out loud. Young Nathan said something to me the other day about speaking English, but it wasn't nearly as cute...

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