Domestic bliss?

I have been busy these days with a whole lot of nothing. Just that day to day stuff that piles up and needs to be done. You do some and then there is another pile of something else or some of the same.(ie: laundry, dishes, leaves, socks with no matches, etc.)

Tonight Sadie would not come up to dinner after four times of my calling her and when I finally went down to bring her up she went into some explanation of how she was going to come when DADDY came down and told her dinner was ready because that is what they had agreed upon...I have been saying it for awhile, she has been a lawyer since birth. Everything is black and white and if you think different she will find the fine print to prove to you otherwise.
School has been fun for Sadie but the morning schedule has been tough on us all. I try to let her sleep as long as possible but by the time she gets to school she is still half asleep and sort of just wanders around mesmerized by the bright colors and children frolicking here and there, as if she had entered Neverland. It does help to have her up earlier but still she looks into classroom with utter astonishment and not a shred of focus. Although, I have noticed this vein of distraction running thru everything we do. More and more she is lost in her own world of imagination and story telling, or is totally engrossed in a game with friends and it is as if my voice is being sucked into a vacuum and only I can hear it. Don't worry, although this is totally annoying and frustrating, I see her friends doing the same thing around the playground. It is just a bit scary they already are capable of totally ignoring us, the parents.

Emma continues to attempt to imitate everything Sadie does, like climbing up onto many things that are really, really too high for her to climb. If that was not enough, she will edge her toes toward the spot she thinks would be perfect from which to jump. I think she bites her tongue every other week and bonks her head at least every other day but the crowning achievement was at her last check up (18mo). It was of course time for another round of shots but this time they were all in her arms; her little, skinny Emma arms. As the doctor gave her the first shot she watched, then came the second in the other arm and the third in the same arm. She almost wiggled after the third but the doc reached for the bandaids and put those on. Boy was she proud of those bandaids. No tears! She was so excited to show everyone her bandaids. She is as cute as she is brave.


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